This research would not have been possible were it not for the financial support of my husband, George E. Kline. George also provided many hours of discussion and emotional support. He had a large part in giving me the determination to complete this thesis. He just kept saying I had to finish, even when the goal seemed out of reach.

Academic support came from two sources. My thesis chair, Professor Lynn H. Gamble, stuck with me thorough the evolution of this thesis with cheerful prodding all along the way. She also hired me to work in Collections Management, which helped immensely with financing my graduate education.

My thesis committee second, Dr. L. Leach, professor emeritus SDSU (now living on Hawaii), was the first to plant the idea that I might apply to graduate school. After spending two field seasons together, he knew me pretty well, knew how I reasoned out different tasks, and how I related to others on the team. Jobs of the right caliber, he told me, would not be attainable without [at least] a master’s degree. Dr. Leach believed in me and smoothed my way into the graduate program at SDSU.

Ming-Hsiang Tsou, the third member of my committee, was chosen through a recommendation of fellow graduate student, Koji Tsunoda. Dr. Tsou, professor of geography, was kind enough to take on the added burden of another (my) thesis and offered use of the CESAR Lab and a student version of the ArcView 9.2 (GIS) program. My first time line for completion of the thesis was much too optimistic, but he stuck with me through the extra two semesters that it took for me to complete my work without complaint.

My father, Richard M. Hannah, passed away last June. When he first heard that I was thinking about going to graduate school he wholeheartedly agreed. He was very supportive of continuing education to get one through life in as cultured a manner as possible. Thanks to my mother and father for believing that I could complete this difficult goal of attaining a master’s degree.

To Dr. R. Perez I send special thanks for being an excellent professor, leading great courses for graduate students that were difficult but mind expanding, and for being the graduate advisor during my four years of graduate school.

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